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Tenancy Representations:

We, at Stencel Inventories undertake representations on behalf of Tenants and Tenant Relocation agencies.

It is important  that in the event  a tenant cannot be present at the check in, or is currently settling in, that a full representation is made on behalf of the tenant in the event of any inconsistencies or possible errors that may be made by the Landlord Clerk on behalf of the Landlord, while formulating the inventory, in the event the tenant does not have the time to check the report by themselves.

It is a common issue that many tenants do not look at the Inventory report when they move into a new property. Most inventory companies allow up to 7 days for their report to be signed by the tenant, but this is easier said than done. In many cases tenants forget about the inventory report, due to the stresses of relocating including the unpacking and logistics of furniture removal, commencing new jobs and the general chaos of settling down in a new city.

What we do:

Our clerks compile a check in report, using as base, either an inventory report that has been provided for the property or we meet simultaneously with the Landlord clerk at the time of the check in, and agree in writing, on the condition of the property. Effectively, by representing the tenant, we offer a second opinion, and in the event that the Landlord Clerk or Landlord is absent at the time of the check in, or that no inventory report has been provided, We can record a detailed check in report, which would help protect the tenant in the event of a Deposit dispute.

Additional benefits of acquiring tenant representation:

Our clerks, at the time of the check in, are able to identify any potential maintenance issues, safety hazards or any other areas that may require attention at the beginning of the tenancy. The benefits of this are clear, as it takes the pressure off the tenant to be dealing with the Landlord or Agency personally, and as these defects or maintenance issues have been listed in a concise report, then sent off by email to the relevant parties involved.

Relocation agents:

Services we provide:

Detailed Check in or Out/ Snagging reports formulated at the time the tenant is moving in, with or without the tenant present. By detailed we mean we record the condition of ALL fittings and furnishings with precise detail to include the exact location of defects, including the close approximate size of the damage eg. A carpet is stained yellow to the left hand side of the radiator, in a circular patch with a diameter of approximately 10cm. A tool such as a pen, or ruler will be placed next to the stain, while photographing, to the give the reader an accurate gauge of the size of the stain. This is important, that in the event of a dispute, that the evidence produced is irrevocable.

Unfortunately, in the industry, various clerks have taken to generalizing damages. A good example would be a clerk noting that the carpet is generally stained throughout, but there may in fact be only two visible stains presents! Or that the walls in a bedroom are scuffed and marked from mid to low level throughout, yet there may only be 2 or 3 light scuff marks present! The ambiguity of these errors can lead to disputes, especially in the event that the Landlords inventory states otherwise than the Tenant check in report, performed by a Tenant representative. It is imperative, that in the event a check in is performed, at a different time from the inventory by the landlord clerk, that a copy of the inventory is sent to the Tenant representative to check, and if there are inconsistencies between both reports, further communication is needed to resolve the discrepancies, which may include a revisit to the property that is highly recommended to all parties involved.

General overview of Issues recorded on the tenants behalf:

1. Is there a gas safety certificate present in the property? (In properties that use gas). Is a follow up necessary?
2. Are all the necessary appliance user manuals available in the property for the benefit of the tenant?
3. Maintenance issues - Are all the lights, doors, sanitary ware and windows operational? Appliances?  Please note we test for power only.
4. Keys - Are there keys available to all doors that the tenant may require access to, including communal gardens?
5. Utility meter readings

We will also arrange a time to meet the Landlord Clerk , obtain a copy of the inventory (if there is one made up) and arrange the logistics with the Letting Agency. A copy of the check in Report, accompanied by a Schedule of Condition will be forwarded to you in a short time frame. The clerk will either email or contact you personally by phone and list a summary of maintenance issues that may require attention immediately after the check in has been performed. Additionally, Our reports are in a easy to read, well laid out format, but we can add or change the format to suit your requirements as needed.

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