The Mid-Term Review

The mid-term review also called an interim inspection/ interim visit is carried out by the inventory clerk or representative agent during the tenancy/ mid-tenancy. The visit is important in the sense that it may prevent small issues from becoming major problems.

The following criteria are noted:

1.  Are the tenants taking care of the property?

                         2. That the tenant is not breaching the terms of their tenancy

                                                                   3. If there are any problems with the property such as radiator leaks, damp and so on.

Specific issues noted about the tenancy

 1. How many bedrooms are being occupied? A good indicator to how many tenants are really living there

2. Any evidence of smoking or pets?

3. The condition of the smoke detectors.Are they working?

4. Any evidence of tenant damage, for example - Bicycles left in the hallway and leaving excessive scuff marks on the wall. Stains on carpets

5. Damp caused by condensation such as wet clothing left to dry on radiators

6. The garden area - Is it being maintained as outlined in the tenancy agreement?

7. Evidence of any tampering with fire safety equipment

Specific issues noted for the landlord

1. Ceiling damp possibly indicating leaks on the roof

2. Evidence of structural damage to the exterior - leaking gutter pipes, loose plastering etc.

3. Any damage to electrical fittings such as sockets

4. Settlement cracking, floorboards lifting or loose, carpets fraying

The importance of the interim visit cannot be understated and it has numerous advantages. The tenant feels that an interest is being taken of any concerns that they may have, and the landlord can have an updated review of their property, and any maintenance work that may need to be done.

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