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Even though by law it is not required to have a property professionally cleaned before the start of a tenancy, it is highly recommended.

The advantages of having a property professionally cleaned before a tenancy begins is that it leaves little room for argument at the check out inventory.

A clause in the tenancy agreement would state that the property requires professional cleaning at the conclusion of the let. The number one cause of end of tenancy disputes is cleaning or the lack thereof! We have compiled a list (by  no means exhaustive) of areas recommended to be cleaned.

Doors- Dusted, Transom windows wiped and brassware or chrome polished

Ceilings- Dusted for cobwebs, rub marks removed

Walls- Rub marks removed(where possible), tack marks or sticky marks removed(where possible), skirting dusted

Windows- Wiped and dusted (if not to the exterior, this can be noted as a clause in the tenancy agreement

Curtains- Washed or steam cleaned. Ironed

Floors- Mopped and polished to vinyl surfaces, wooden based floors and laminate. Carpets steam treated

Switches and sockets- Polished and wiped

Furniture- Dusted. For real wood products polishes and oils. Please note.-The tenant must be informed if they are to take specialist care of any real wood products and ideally a clause would be suitable for this in the tenancy agreement. Sofa`s should be steam treated and vacuumed under the cushions

Light fittings and lampshades- Dusted and wiped

Bathroom fittings- Wiped and polished. Mould should be removed where applicable

Kitchen appliances- Oven cleaning products should be used to clean the oven (unless new), all surfaces wiped. Burnt on grease should be removed where possible. The extractor fan should have a clean or new filter. The dishwasher should be descaled where required. The washing machine should have a clean soap dispenser and mould removed from the seal (unless ingrained). Fridges/ freezers should be defrosted and wiped, switched off and left open after the clean to avoid a mildew build-up and smell

Radiators- wiped for rub marks

Cutlery and crockery (If furnished)- Washed and polished

Outside area/ garden- Lawn should be trimmed, leaves raked and soil beds in clean/ pruned order (if there are shrubs or plants). Hedges should be well maintained. Concrete slabbed areas jet-washed from mildew. Weeds removed where needed

Front porch/ area- Swept. Rubbish bins in tidy order and empty of contents. Tiled and slated areas jet-washed if necessary

Carpets and floors- Carpets steam cleaned or vacuumed, floors mopped and polished

Contact us now for further information! Please be aware we do not offer any form of cleaning services! The information above is for general knowledge purposes only


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