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The purpose of the check out report is to formulate an accurate assessment of the condition of the property when the tenants move out. Failure to provide a moving out report can prove problematic in the event of any damages or missing items in the property. There will be no documented proof of the condition and it will be very difficult to prove anything,  in the event of a dispute.

Examples of a few typical issues noted by the property inventory clerk at the end of tenancy:

Cleanliness : Overall cleanliness to all fixtures, fittings and appliances, Click here for a thorough breakdown

Doors : Chips to paintwork, dents, broken handles, keys broken in lock, additional fittings. Windows: Cracks, mould around the frame, missing window keys, fittings from additional curtain rails or blinds 

Light and electrical fittings : Cracked power points, broken shades, bulbs not working, extra telephone or cable points, cleanliness and carbon marks. Other fittings: Fireplaces:  Cracked tiles on the hearth or surround, chips, marks and burns to the mantelpiece

Wardrobes : Panels or hinges loose, broken handles, cracked mirrored panels. Sinks: Watermarks or limescale, cracking, burning or melting to plastic sinks, fittings intact

Kitchen appliances :
Fridge/ freezer : Defrosted, broken/ cracked shelves, working light bulbs, perished sealant
Washing Machine : Mould to seal, condition of the soap tray, door hatch, interior
Hob and Oven : Burnt on grease, working light bulbs, burners, knobs, chips/ cracks to ceramic hobs
Extractor fan : Condition of the filter, light bulbs, functions
Dishwasher : Excess dents to interior door, Filter, function of the shelves

Floors : Cigarette or burn marks, pet scratching, stains, moth eggs, excessive wear.
Walls : Picture hooks, blue tack removal marks, filled in holes and patchy areas, children`s scribbles, additional cable holes
Ceiling : Damp areas, tape marks, carbon marks.
Bathroom fittings : Extractor fan, mould, limescale, cracks, working pop ups, WC flush, toilet seat

Above is a brief summary of what would be recorded on a property, end of tenancy report. For the full list please contact us

Typically at the end of the check out, if there is damage or missing items, repairs and costs/ or replacement will be negotiated between the Landlord and the tenant. If no agreement is reached, the case will then be forwarded to an adjudicator from one of the relevant schemes for final analysis. They will demand all evidence including check in/ out reports and inventories. It is therefore very important to have these documents on hand. Remember it is for the Landlord to prove that he has been wronged, not the other way around.

For help on how to calculate damages please contact us for further information. Our property inventory clerks carry out check out inventories throughout Central/ Greater London as well as Hertfordshire. Consistent formulas can be applied, including details, such as the age of the item, the number of tenants, depreciation etc.


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