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What`s the deal with Appliance Instruction Manuals

Posted by Terence Stencel on Friday, August 3, 2012 Under: Landlord Articles
Including Instruction manuals in the initial inventory is necessary for a few reasons. These manuals may refer to electrical appliances, central heating and so on. Generally these manuals will also have the make and model number of the item visible.

Having them included ensures the landlord or agent is complying with electrical safety requirements. This also facilitates the moving in process, with the tenant being able to operate the equipment safely. Additionally, in the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy, the tenant cannot argue that it was broken in ignorance, because there were no available instruction manuals.

It is recommended that the landlord or agent should have a copy of all the manuals, filed away securely, in the event of replacement or other issues.

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