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Property inventory clerk temporary coverage service in Greater London

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Dear all,

We offer coverage services in the Greater London area for any inventory clerk or company, that may require temporary cover, while they go away on holiday, or just need some extra help. This will ensure your business operates throughout the year and your clients won`t have to use alternate companies during your absence. A confidentiality agreement is signed between parties stating and confirming that we will never reveal who your clients are, or attempt to solicit them. At all points of contact, during your absence, it will be your brand only that is represented.

Your reports can be issued through the same branded templates you use (this only applies to clerks and companies who dictate their reports and use word documents which are then converted to PDF).

As a further option, we can also run your diary, take care of bookings and the administrative side of things while you are away, leaving you with peace of mind. Further details on how we approach this will be revealed via email or by telephone contact to the interested party.

All our clerks are professional, experienced and thorough. We know how to deal with agents, landlords and tenants.

Concerning pricing, fees are negotiated before any work is carried out and will be a percentage of your listed sales price.

About us, Stencel Inventories has been trading for 6 years, regulated by both the AIIC and ARLA Propertymark. We are fully insured for professional and public liability.

Please contact Terry on or Telephone 0207 205 2355 to discuss your requirements.

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