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Professionally cleaning a property before the start of a tenancy - The Advantages

Posted by Terence Stencel on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Under: Landlord Articles

Even though there is no legal requirement to have a property professionally cleaned before a tenancy begins, it may be extremely helpful in the event of a dispute regarding cleanliness at the end of the tenancy.

What are the general benefits?

Firstly. Tenants are very happy to move into a new house or flat that has been well cleaned. It signifies that the property is being well looked after and the Landlord has a vested interest in looking after his tenants and keeping them happy. Nothing worse than when tenants move into a property and are calling the agent/ landlord to complain about cleaning issues, right from the start.

Secondly. If a property has been professionally cleaned before a tenancy the tenant has an obligation to leave it in the same condition at the end of a tenancy. If cleanliness issues do arrive at the check out and it leads to a dispute, it will be easy to prove that the property had been properly cleaned from the start, and the landlord has a much better chance of obtaining cleaning costs through an adjudication decision.

Importantly the initial inventory report should state if the property has been professionally cleaned or not, as well as the check out. Tenants and landlords should hold onto any invoices regarding cleaning, in the event they are asked to provide proof. Photo evidence is also most helpful.

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