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Gas and Electric meter readings for Property Inventories

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Under: Property Inventory Articles
Including gas and electric readings in a property inventory report is crucial at the beginning of a tenancy. The same applies at the end of a tenancy during the check out. Utility meters should have their serial numbers, readings and all the points that are  listed below, recorded and photographed. This would practically eliminate the possibility of a dispute at the end of  a tenancy concerning the utilities, and would give both landlord and tenant more peace of mind.

The following points should be followed when recording meters..

1. The location of the meter eg. communal cupboard, exterior cupboard.
2. The actual readings - Electric meters may have an off peak and on peak reading - Both should be recorded.
3. Meters that use a credit system (pay as you go card) should be recorded with the amount of units used and credit remaining.
4. It must be noted if there is a credit (pay as you go) card available for a pay meter. Seen or not seen, this should be recorded.
5. The meter serial number ( especially applicable in the event of multiple meters in one location)

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