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Property inventory clerk temporary coverage service in Greater London

June 9, 2018

Dear all,

We offer coverage services in the Greater London area for any inventory clerk or company, that may require temporary cover, while they go away on holiday, or just need some extra help. This will ensure your business operates throughout the year and your clients won`t have to use alternate companies during your absence. A confidentiality agreement is signed between parties stating and confirming that we will never reveal who your clients are, or attempt to solicit them. At all points of contact, during your absence, it will be your brand only that is represented.

Your reports can be issued through the same branded templates you use (this only applies to clerks and companies who dictate their reports and use word documents which are then converted to PDF).

As a further option, we can also run your diary, take care of bookings and the administrative side of things while you are away, leaving you with peace of mind. Further details on how we approach this will be revealed via email or by telephone contact to the interested party.

All our clerks are professional, experienced and thorough. We know how to deal with agents, landlords and tenants.

Concerning pricing, fees are negotiated before any work is carried out and will be a percentage of your listed sales price.

About us, Stencel Inventories has been trading for 6 years, regulated by both the AIIC and ARLA Propertymark. We are fully insured for professional and public liability.

Please contact Terry on or Telephone 0207 205 2355 to discuss your requirements.


GDPR Complience - Stencel Inventories Data privacy policy

June 4, 2018
We have updated our privacy policy to comply with the GDPR regulations, which came into effect on the 25th May 2018. Our full privacy policy can be found at 

At Stencel Inventories, we take personal data protection seriously. As data processors, we only use any personal information forwarded to us by the agents/ landlords, solely for the purpose of communicating with relevant parties regarding the scheduled bookings, generating the property inventory/ check out reports, issuing the final reports, billing for the services and relevant dispute regulatory bodies if needed. We do not use personal data for marketing purposes. Any relevant data will be securely disposed after the end of the business relationship.

Stencel Inventories acts as a Data processor. We understand our obligations to follow the reporting procedure stipulated by the Information Commissioner`s Office (ICO) which includes breach reporting within 72 hours when the rights and freedoms of individuals could be affected

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April 10, 2018
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Stencel Inventories enter the Instagram world

March 21, 2018
We are very excited to announce that Stencel Inventories has entered the wonderful world of Instagram. Follow us on  stencel_inventories and be part of the weird and wonderful world of a London based property inventory company and their inventory clerks 

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Wide range of property inventory services available in Romford, Essex

May 26, 2017
We are delighted to announce that Stencel Inventories is now offering a full range of property inventory services in Romford area, Essex. Whether it is a property inventory service you are after or property check out for the tenants, we are here to help. Get in touch with us for quote and bookings on 0207 205 2355 or simple send us an email to with your request/ enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon

Property Inventory Services London

April 1, 2016
We offer a complete range of property inventory services carried out by our qualified clerks in the Greater London area. We are AIIC and ARLA Propertymark (Formally known as APIP) regulated. All reports are highly detailed and accompanied by digital photographs

Inventory Clerk in London

April 1, 2016
Stencel inventories offers a full range of property inventory services in london. Reports are highly detailed and accompanied by comprehensive digital photographs. All our clerk are full or associate members of the AIIC. Competitive pricing for agents, landlords and tenants

Full range of property inventory services in Waltham Cross area

March 29, 2016
Stencel Inventories offers a complete range of professional property inventory services in Waltham Cross area.
The services include comprehensive property inventory reports, tenant check ins/ check outs and property interim reviews.

All reports are accompanied by meter readings and digital photographs for extra peace of mind. Call us now on 0207 205 2355 or email your request to . We look forward to hearing from you


Property inventory services in Hertfordshire

March 22, 2016
Stencel Inventories offers professional property inventory services in the Hertfordshire area. Our property inventory clerks are trained to AIIC standard and we have full professional and public liability insurance. For all your property inventory service needs contact us now!

AIIC announcement regarding rental property smoke alarms/CO2 detectors

September 18, 2015

As from the 1st October all rented properties, no matter how old, will need to have smoke alarms fitted in all ‘circulation spaces’.

This means places such as hallways, stairs and landings. Properties will also need to be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors in all high risk rooms. At the start of each tenancy the ‘landlord’ or his representative will have to change the battery, record that these alarms are tested and explain to tenants how they work.

As with gas, electrical and fire safety, it is the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure that their property complies with the latest legislations.

The duty of the inventory clerk, as always, is to make a visual inspection of the smoke alarms / CO2 detectors, and to report on cleanliness and / or whether damage is visible.

It is not within the inventory clerks remit to test smoke detectors, however, in accordance with the above, inventory clerks are expected to note their presence.

Where smoke detectors have not been fitted in accordance with the regulations, i.e. in circulation areas, as with non-compliant furnishings, it is the inventory clerks responsibility to ensure that this is reported in writing to their instructing principle.

The AIIC have always recommended that clerks do not test smoke detectors for a few practical reasons. If we break them during the testing process we will of course be held liable. If the alarm is tested and then won’t turn off this will also be our problem.

Whilst the AIIC do not recommend the testing of smoke detectors, should members wish to include this service during the check in process, by arrangement with their clients, the AIIC would strongly recommend the following disclaimer be used on all their reports:

‘Where the inventory notes the presence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, if tested by the inventory company, this will be for power supply and should not be interpreted to mean that these items are fully working and that the property complies with the 2015 regulations.

The Inventory Company will take no responsibility for damage or malfunction during the testing of such alarms.’






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